Sahil Dua


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Khajjiar, India

I'm an undergraduate studying at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi. I expect to graduate with a Bachelors degree in May 2016

Featured among the Most Viewed Writers in Summer Internships

Secured Asia Pacific rank 73 and All India rank 17 in Google APAC 2016 University Graduates Test

Just completed my internship at HackerRank as a Software Intern

Recently, my team won first prize at HackForHire organized by TLabs. We developed an application to measure and visualize the behaviour and attitude of followers of a particular Twitter account based on the tweets/replies

I have worked with a B2B start-up Refiral in it's initial stage wherein I was mainly involved in development of server-side API in PHP and managing & automating their administration dashboard end-to-end. Recently Refiral raised $330K angel funding

I've worked/studied at these places...

Zomato Logo


Oct'15 - Oct'15

I developed a web application for "Zomato Room" - the Table Management Tool using PHP framework SLIM for developing the MVC architecture and fabric.js javascript canvas library.

HackerRank Logo


Jun'15 - Jul'15

My role involved - Making the website more secure, reliable and fast - Handling the client-side vulnerabilities - Exploring a new type of questions to be integrated with HackerRank for Work.

Todoed Chrome Extension Logo


Aug'14 - Feb'15

I worked at Todoed as a Chrome Extension Developer under the guidance of experienced and influential people from Preseed

Refiral Logo


Oct'13 - Sept'14

I was among the founding team of Refiral. I was responsible for all back-end operations of the tool using PHP(Slim framework). I had also been managing the back-end of dashboard and client analytics.

NSIT logo

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Aug'12 - May'16

I am an undergraduate student here, in New Delhi. A beautiful fast-paced city which has as many opportunities as many you can explore. I will be graduating with a B.E. degree in May'16.

CollegeSpace logo


Oct'12 - Present

CollegeSpace is a socio-academic portal of our college. I've been working here selflessly for welfare of other students. Currently, I am mentoring my juniors to extend CollegeSpace functionality.

RiteTag logo


Feb - Apr'14

I joined Ritetag as a member of their engineering team. I worked on the front-end related issues on their website. A startup where I would like to work again, if given a chance.

Webinstitute logo


Jun - Aug'13

I worked as a tech intern there. I shipped two WP Plugins & integrated Facebook API with their website. I was also responsible for development of company's online learning management system.

MC Jolly Pic

M.C. Jolly D.A.V. Public School

Apr'00 - Mar'11

This is the place where my foundation was established. A school in my home-town, Urmar, Punjab which is less known to others.

My projects...

Easy Paste (Chrome Extension)

A chrome extension to keep all your frequently used profile links just a click away. It lets you save these links and use them anywhere with just a click.


An app Indicator that keeps pinging a particular server and shows the ping status in menu bar so that you never have to manually check for ping status.

GitHub Punch Card

A script powered by Highcharts and jQuery for making almost GitHub like punchcards.


hackIDE is an online code editor, compiler and interpreter based on Django, powered by HackerEarth API! Go, hack it!

Village Connect

Making internet available to people with no internet connection! In simpler terms, the idea is to create a local interweb which enables the rural areas' residents to consume internet data without even getting connected to the internet.

In-memory Cache Routine

Used to implement the connection protocol and enabled the cache routine to listen to a particular port so as to enable the client routine to interact with it for fetching the objects directly from cache.

Bulk URL Shortener

A web app developed using Google URL Shortening API to shorten URLs in bulk. It lets users shorten multiple URLs with just one click!

Website Status (Python Package)

A python package which just does a little and does that extremely well. It helps you find whether a website is Up or Down with just one function call. It got 800+ downloads in first week of launch.

Local Tweet Map

A web app developed as a part of a development challenge. It helps you to see what people around you are tweeting. Tweets are shown as markers on Google Maps.

Twitter Instant

A web-app developed on Twitter API for performing #hashtag searches instantly, at the speed of thought!

Expand-Url Python API

Developed an API using Python & Bottle, to expand the shortened URLs. It works with URLs containing multiple redirects as well.

GitHub Profile Scrapper

A web app developed using GitHub v3 API that scraps data from profile of any username you enter and shows the statistics in an elegant way.

MySpeed Application

MySpeed application enables users to compete with others based on their internet connection speed at any moment. It was developed using REST API provided by

Chrome Social Media Share Extension

A chrome extension which enables sharing the current URL on various social media platforms.

Chrome Google-History Extension

A chrome extension to keep a track on the keywords user types in google, so as to keep track of your google queries and if you need to search something again, they are just one click away!

Chrome Time-Conversion Extension

A chrome extension for conversion of timestamp to readable date format. Some may not find a point in this, but believe me, as a back-end developer, I use this extension more than any other extension.

Tweet Bot

A fun project using Twitter API Python SDK. It tweets random stuff from a .txt file periodically.


A Twitter API demonstration application with all possible actions permitted with the use of Twitter API. View profile, hashtag search and tweet are some of the nice features.

Image Pixelator

A python script used to digitalize a monochromatic picture. I wrote it to convert logo of Texas Instruments into pixelated display to display it on an LED matrix of suitable size.

Laptop Battery Alarm

One of the my most useful self-projects, a batch script to play 'beep' sound when laptop battery gets fully charged, as a reminder to unplug the charger.

Brickbuster Game

Created this amazing bricks buster game in just 3 hours of continuous coding. I was probably at my peak while coding this, in that cold romantic weather.

Connect-4 Game

A Connect-4 game created using PyGame. This was my first project using Pygame.

Web Viewport

A viewport to check responsiveness of a website and decide the breakpoints while developing a responsive website.

Image Parser

A web app that can extract all the images from a web page. As of now, it works on almost 70% of the websites excluding those protected with SSL certificates

Link Parser

A web app that is able to extract all the links from a web page except for those which require secure connection/authentication.

Basically I'm that guy with a kick-ass resumé...